As we head into year 2017, Bend has grown into more of a tourism destination attracting average of 20,000 tourists visiting on a typical summer day.

In 2016, Oregon Travel Industry has set up benchmark creating more employment and increased GDP value as compared to year 2015.

Bend’s tourism economy is strong, lively and striding for a sixth consecutive record year now.It is also expected that the overall economic impact of tourism in Central Oregon region will exceed $850 million.

This continued economic growth in Tourism is making residents and businesses to relocate to Central Oregon.Out of total jobs in Oregon, tourism has been overtaken by new businesses and professional services like health care while the construction industry is hiring at a faster clip.

Due to this tremendous rise in Tourism, “Dean Runyan and Associates “have estimated around 8,480 new jobs in Central Oregon.

Also according to Oregon Employment Department, the tourism industry in Central Oregon employed about 12,520 workers in December out of which 15 percent are of the private workforce.

Tourism and Economy – 2017 (According to Visit Bend)

The Visit Bend‘s “Fiscal year 2017 business plan and budget” is designed to expand the effective marketing model that has been developed in the past 8 years.

As the Fiscal year 2017 approaches, the tourism industry in Bend is still thriving to achieve a fifth consecutive year.

Main reason for such a boom in this sector is Transient Room Taxes (TRT) collections.

Estimates say, since 2009, there is 114% increase in Bend’s TRT collections in which General Fund accounts for 63%, 34% for Tourism promotions and 3% accounts for Police and fire.

Back then in fiscal years (2010 -2016), Bend’s transient room collections (TRT) have leaded to 62% more growth in city’s tourism.

And now in 2017, Visit Bend has come up the Budget plan that focus on effective strategies to

  1. Maximize number of tourists visiting bend.
  2. Maximize the amount of money tourists spend on local businesses.
  3. Achieve a healthier seasonality for our tourism industry by promoting the shoulder seasons and winter months.
  4. Ensure equitable marketing support for all segments of Bend’s tourism industry
  5. Guarantee the highest levels of accountability, transparency and professionalism in the industry.