ANNOUNCEMENT: The Scheduled Shuttle Service is closed as of June 1st, 2023.                                                                                        It has been a pleasure serving all of our customers over the last 5 years but as the other areas                                                          of our business have evolved and another provider offering service along this route 7 days/week, it is a                                                                                   good time for us to focus on private transportation and events. 

*We are available for all your private transportation and event needs – see the Private & RDM transportation pages on the side bar.                                       If you would like to explore using Shuttle Oregon for a private ride to and from Portland,                                                                                                              send us an email through our Private or Contact Us page.

**For bus service between Central Oregon and Salem/Portland, Pacific Crest Bus Lines is now running a similar route 7 days/week                                                               and they will be honoring any Shuttle Oregon existing reservations.                                                                                                                             Check them out here